Healthy Sikhs

Healthy Sikhs


Welcome to HealthySikhs, a website that aims to help educate and improve the health of Sikhs.

Our aim is that through this website, Sikhs shall be empowered to change their diets to eat foods fuelled with nutrition. You should find everything you need regarding healthy foods and our campaigns to improve the well-being of Sikhs. Our work is based largely around the message from Guru AmarDas who revolutionized the way in which we view food. Not only the introduction of a free kitchen bringing all of mankind together, but his views on the types of food we should eat.


This message was ground-breaking in the16th Century, but seems to be even more prevalent in the modern world with growing importance of ethical food movements like fair trade, and supporting healthy local food sources.

HealthySikhs aim to delve in to this emerging mindset to see how it ties in with Sikh teachings. We will look at what foods we should be eating by evaluating nutritional values and publishing work from leading nutritionists. From here we will see how
these foods can be incorporated into South Asian cooking.

We hope you find this website useful and welcome your feedback, which you can submit via our ‘Contact’ page. Please click
the Twitter icon to follow us and keep an eye on the blog keep up to date with our findings.