Healthy Sikhs

Healthy Sikhs


HealthySikhs is an independent, campaigning organisation that works to promote wellbeing for Sikhs through food. Health issues such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Joint problems are a common theme within South Asians.


The NHS writes that “Children of South Asian origin in the UK are more likely to have type 2 diabetes than their Caucasian peers”. It also states that “the risk of dying early from coronary heart disease is twice as high among South Asian groups compared with the general population”.

We are interested to see where this stems from, if it is indeed diet related and what we can do to help overcome these issues.


A major issue we hope to address is the unhealthy and lethargic food served at Sikh Temples, and their inability to adopt healthier foods and cooking techniques. HealthySikhs will illustrate and re-educate Sikhs on the views of food proffered by the Sikh Gurus. It is generally accepted that most Sikhs suffer from mental paralysis and we wish to see whether their diet is responsible for the deterioration in Sikh political life. We recognize that it is the union of thought and action that ultimately leads to success, however, food plays an important part in the ethical standing of a civilised man.

Moving Forward

We shall be advocating the consumption of healthy and ethical food to Sikhs, whether they be in their Gurdwara’s, homes or in the workplace. A healthy lifestyle leads to greater human dignity; we therefore believe that food is an essential part of a person’s constitution.