Healthy Sikhs

Healthy Sikhs


We shall be undertaking and promoting research into healthy foods which can benefit Sikhs. Extensive research carried out by an independent team of highly specialized theologians revealed that Guru AmarDas’s perpetuated two revolutionary concepts in relation to food.

Ethical food:

(1) He stated that the Sikh doctrine of ‘food’ relates only to nutrition and health, regarding it as a gift from God. This

disassociated it from the Hindu view of food as the core of psychic life and religious practices. The Sikh doctrine compresses the concept of food blemishes to just one comprehensive blemish, that the food eaten must clean, health-promoting and obtained through just and fair means.


(2) Using free healthy food, Guru AmarDas illustrated the Sikh doctrine of universal brotherhood of humankind. He established his

open free kitchen that served food to visitors round the clock and the Guru made it obligatory for every visitor to have food in this Eating House, Langar, before coming to his presence: The Emperor and the prince, the rich and the poor, the high caste and the low caste. Regardless of gender, all complied with this requirement to eat the same food, prepared by anyone, at the same time and at the same level, without any distinction whatsoever. Everyone an equal.

In our aim to highlight this Sikh position on food. HealthySikhs was launched to empower Sikhs to make the right choices that will enhance their lives.